We've developed easy to use, customized audit and compliance systems since 1986, automating manual tasks, improving reporting, and building processes that are efficient and easy to use.

Internal Audit Planning Systems

An integrated suite of tools that include an Audit Universe, Audit Scheduling System, Audit Committee Dash Board Reporting capabilities which graphically track audits completed, in progress and deferred, with indicators for budget reporting, project assignments, global risk ratings, detailed audit step archiving, and risk heat maps and quantification.

Issues Tracking Database

A repository for existing and emerging risk issues. The database creates a discussion document for monthly/quarterly issues follow-up, and Audit Committee and Line of Business management reporting. The database fully documents the selection of closed issues for interim audit testing, and quantifies risk level as a key input to an Enterprise Risk Management process. Click here to view the Issues Tracking System

Audit Work Paper Systems

Easily document testing in a manner consistent with the Institute of Internal Auditors International Professional Practice Framework. Functionality includes automated report and dash board creation, statistically valid sample size calculator, management audit testing reporting, designed for management review of findings before or at Exit Conferences, the ability to risk weight individual audit steps and automatically generate audit ratings based on success rates in testing populations or samples, all within an easy to use and easy to navigate system that requires minimal knowledge of computer applications.

IIA Quality Assurance System

Easily record, document and report on Internal Audit department Quality Assurance Review testing. Ideal for self-assessments.

Continuous Audit Testing Systems

We can identify areas within your current test plan that could be done more efficiently with Continuous Audits and Computer Assisted Audit Techniques, and design.

Continuous Audit Risk Registry

Helps manage your Continuous Audit program by recording test areas, frequency of testing, and risk coverage. Reporting includes an audit timeline report, and standardized dash boards for management and audit committee reporting.

Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Monitoring System

Automatically scrub your customer database against OFAC lists, with reporting to document "hits", and the ability to document reviews and clearing decisions.

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